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Best service there is!

Rob did an amazing job with not one but three homes! He was very thorough and precise when it came to going over the homes to ensure all problems were noticed properly. I would highly recommend Rob and AmeriSpec for their excellent quality and service!

Dominic Scuccimarri

Most professional, knowledgeable, extensive, complete, to every detail, and absolutely courteous to the client.

Thorough and, the finest I have
ever seen in my last 15 years in
the industry. There is no other
I could refer, as this reflects on
my own credibility. All my clients
deserve the best.

Greg Roy

Inspection well done!

can’t thank you enough Rob for finding those important things that got by everyone else and saved me significant money in repairs down the road that i would have had to pick up like the crack in the shower insert that was hidden in the dust and dirt. Also the loose guardrail and leaky check valve connection at sump pump to name just a few more of many, great eye for detail Rob and I like the summary report with pics and description of issues. You were highly recommended to me and AmeriSpec did not disappoint, thanks again!

Denis Pinsonneault

Karin Kantar Designs Karin Schlieker, Nick Kantar

The Quality of skills your inspectors possess is second to none

Thanks again to a job well done!!! from Marc Storino

AmeriSpec came to do a home inspection of a property I was thinking of purchasing.  They went through the homes thoroughly with me by my side explaining the items that needed repair immediately and also gave estimates on the lifetimes of items that were starting to wear. The report was professionally put together and delivered the next day. I would highly recommend using these guys before closing your next house. With the items they listed in the report, they saved me the headache of dealing with $80,000.00 in repairs that were needed just in order to make the house livable again.

10 out of 10 from Cornelia & Randy Marko

Timely appointments
Thorough reporting both imaging and narrative
Inspection report received in timely manner
Detailed explanations on site inspection from attic through to basement, inside and out
Excellent technology tools used for diagnostic purposes
All electronic communications
Excellent value for service provided